Monday, June 29, 2009

lying in the grass,
counting stars instead of sheep-
backyard campout
cool breeze
slides its arms around me-
a welcome embrace...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

in the heat of night
I listen for footsteps-
distant thunder
rolls somewhere
beyond the horizon...
my pulse
suddenly quickens-
forecast calls for rain...
the soft scent
of lavender
rests on my pillow
as early morning dreams
take me back to our first night...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

crescent moon
hangs above the treetops
like a whisper

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I extinguish
the midnight flame
of a candle,
but thoughts of you remain-
undying embers
the man in the moon
laughs at me without mercy-
I stand blushing
in the shadows-
my strongest weakness revealed
your laughter
fills my senses-
reminding me
of all the reasons
that you and I became "us"

Monday, June 22, 2009

hot summer night
leaves me breathless and thirsting
for rain...
watercolor stars-
His artistry revealed
in the night sky
the warmth
of my child's body
wrapped in my embrace-
I hold her, wondering how
I ever lived without it...
through tearful laughter,
sisters pack boxes
and recall
an old, familiar song-
some things never change
sweeter still,
the moment before we touch-
bridled passion
teaches me once again
the meaning of want
as lightning strikes,
his hand brushes my skin-

like the breeze,
my thoughts drift away
to be where you are...
longing for a drink-
I water them,
thinking how long it's been
since I last heard your voice
although we're apart,
the same moon that lights my path
smiles outside
your open window-
he knows the secrets we share...
at twenty-seven,
summer freckles splash my face
once again-
a subtle reminder
of the girl I was...
a snowflake
melts on my child's eyelashes-
nothing stays the same

hair ribbons
sit tangled in a box-
too soon forgotten...
after a summer rainstorm-
the loudest silence...
drop of sweat slides
down my cheek as fireflies
dance around me-
southern summers slip
away just as quickly...
covers the broken fence-
lying in our bed
as sirens break the silence-
missing his warmth...
dandelion in hand,
traces his name
with her finger on the stone-
her brown eyes tell his story...