Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I hear it
through the whispering pines-
winter's song


  1. The pines do have a way of whispering ...love this one Kristin.

  2. And hasn't she been singing a lot lately?

  3. cold sounds
    softened by the snow
    a crow.

    __So good to find a new posting, I hope all is well! _m

  4. A haunting haiku - I lovit...

  5. Winter is singing again today as I write.
    Lovely haiku.


  6. a creative haiku kristin

    such a beautiful song, a song drenched in a fragrance of pine - the memories flood my thoughts, trekking through the northwestern wilderness of maine

    Bittersweet Memory

    A young man in a woolen coat of red,
    Snowshoes, walking stick, and pulling a sled
    Across the deep snow to mountain range
    Here in the city I seem mighty strange.

    I’m living in the city to make my mark
    And the fullness of nature seems so dark
    And how far away I begin to feel
    Bittersweet memory my soul must heal.

    I can see forest of mountains and streams
    Looking back into the freshness of dreams
    A life with nature, animals, and birds
    All given up for money, deeds, and words.

    Inspiration seen in a frozen land
    Is having a small bird eat from your hand
    Inspiration that last without a cost
    Bittersweet memory never be lost.