Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Dreams

tangled in twilight,
enchanted by the moon
as it slowly rises
over treetops that sway
in the warm breeze,
thick with honeysuckle scent-
watching this waltz
of leaves and light,
I, too, am moved
by the rhythm
of sunset turning to dusk,
of thoughts turning to dreams,
and touched by the heartbreak
of fireflies becoming illusions,
of June becoming December
at the sound of my alarm...


  1. Beautiful poem, Kristin :)

    Your alarm seems working overtime....switch it off, please and let the dreams stay on..but even your 'reality' poems are a good read too, :)


  2. Soft and so beautiful, you are a lovely poet Kristin :)

  3. I love the emotion in this poem Kristin...

  4. June to December. Alarm so well said

  5. This poem reminds me of one of my favorite authors:

    “Outside, the moon was up, flooding the dark earth of Virginia with a haunting light. That grand, moon-haunted earth stroked calmly past and, through the media of its changeless and unceasing change, the recession and recurrent movement of the enchanted scene, the train made on forever its tremendous monotone that was itself the rhythm of suspended time, the sound of silence and forever.”

    Quote from:

    Of Time and the River by: Thomas Wolfe

    Your posts are "breaths of fresh air" and always a pleasure to read.

  6. "of fireflies becoming illusions" - great line, a momentary yet preserved brilliance.