Saturday, December 12, 2009

malevolent wind
rattles my Christmas spirit-
bills in the mailbox


  1. A very astute observation Kristin. I seem to get a raft of bills just before Christmas...

  2. They could at least have waited until after Christmas, geesh!!!!

  3. ha! malevolent wind -- may be it was trying to be friendly with all...sending greetings/bills this way, that way... anyway, it goes with the theme there

    but doesn't the cake taste sweeter after paying the me, its that way, may not be to all,

    anyway, may you find your goodness/happpiness back, Kristin...well before Christmas :)


  4. Oh, no worries, friends! If lack of money really dampened my spirits, I'd be in trouble!!! ;) My husband and I being a police officer and a teacher (rewarding professions, though not monetarily), I learned a long time ago that my joy is not directly related to my bank account! I was just trying to be witty. :) Frank is right, though...those bills all do seem to come at once...and right before you need that money for something else! Oh well. Thanks to all for your kind comments. :)