Saturday, January 23, 2010

Train Set

somber lullaby
carries me away-
train song
mournful cry-
the conductor
going nowhere
balancing on
very thin rails-
am I on track?


  1. I'm in love with this train trio, I love trains, I love its mourning sound in the distance, I love your words, always sweet Kristin )

  2. Love this Kristin!
    I just saw a train yesterday and I was wishing I was on it!

    Have a nice weekend!


  3. The train set is wonderful. Three completely different ideas, but they fit together perfectly. What inspired them?

  4. Thank you Margie and Lorraine!
    Sandy...thank you also, and to answer your question, I was sitting on my couch last night literally listening to the nearby midnight train. I just love the sound of it...always inspiring. I have no idea how these three very different haiku came about...just sitting there listening, these just popped into my brain. Some of my best ones just appear like that somehow. It's a mystery to me. Those are the ones that I consider to be little gifts. :) They suprise me, too! Thanks again!!!

  5. I like 'em, separately and together.

  6. Like them all. Second one is my fav

  7. this is beautiful, and i am there riding in your words...

  8. "train song
    am I on track
    going nowhere"

    ___Ooooops... I borrowed your words, a mix of L3's; this an imaginative triplet, Kristin!