Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last Dance

March 20th. I glance at the calendar one more time to make sure that I have not temporarily lost my mind.
Yes, it is March 20th...the first day of Spring. Yet, this scene outside my kitchen window looks like the hand-painted winter wonderland on the coffee mug from which I sip. The tree in our backyard sways and struggles against a bitter wind. I shake my head and smile as I watch the brand new buds on its branches turn from green to white.

"May I cut in?"
asks the old man-
last dance


  1. so beautiful, says somuch in a few elegant words wow Kristin!

  2. Hopeful haibun. Musical, Kristin.

  3. A very poetic weather statement, I love it.

    I hope it is the last dance! Just spoke to my sister in Ok, they had 13 inches on Sunday. Meanwhile, up here in Maine, we are getting rain!

  4. Save the last dance for me. I like the way you use the scene on the coffee cup; a note of humor removes any hint of sentimentality.

  5. This is lovely, Kristin!

    Margie :)

  6. Very poetic. But isn't a haibun a key to the other side of the world we can't reach? I don't know ... but I like your prosaic haiku.

    Best wishes

  7. I like the connection between last dance and last snow(we hope).