Thursday, August 4, 2011

sipping sweet tea-
the ice never stood
a chance...

(Believe it or not, we broke yesterday's record today. 115 degrees.)


  1. Oh my gosh that is hot indeed, how are you babies handly it? andyou with those flashes of heat, poor babe I send you my angel of cool down to 78 degrees :)x

  2. This could be the motto of the summer. It is one of your best yet.
    Cooler today, or is that wretched sun just behind a cloud?

  3. is a little bit better today. It's actually raining as I type. We so desperately needed it, so it's an answered prayer! Thanks for the compliment!!!

    Lorraine....Thank you for that angel. I will take it! :) 78 degrees sounds about like heaven right now. My babies are handling it pretty well because I'm either keeping them inside or in the water. Lucky for us, the baby LOVES the pool! :) It's been hard for my daughter to stay inside so much though, because she is a true outdoors girl! I keep telling her that fall will come eventually and to just hold on. :)

  4. A lovely haiku, Kristin. 115 degrees - that's far too hot...

  5. Gosh, Kristin, that's so hot!
    Loved your poem!

    Thanks for the visit and nice comment!

  6. How true about that ice. Great haiku.


  7. My goodness, what happens if the air goes out?
    Check out my blog if you get a chance
    I need some new followers - Thanks,Mark