Saturday, August 20, 2011

weekend at last-
I pour the playground sand
from her shoes

(I'm happy to report that the first week back at school was a success for all in our household.)


  1. Glad to hear that!
    I think you may be doing the sand thing a lot.

  2. the return to school, why is it my comments never appear, maybe I'm ghost and I don't know it...this is inspiring a thought ;)

  3. I sense a bit of melancholy in this one: for the end of summer, for the children growing up, ...


  4. Sandy...YES! She plays very hard on that playground. :)
    Lorraine...I don't know, friend! I do have it to where I have to approve comments before they show, but I ALWAYS approve yours when they show up. I don't know why not all of them are. I am sorry!!! Promise it's not me! :) Thanks for your sweet comments as always!
    Adelaide...your senses are correct. ;) I'm very proud of her, though.

  5. Wishes!
    __I was once told... the best teachers are those that teach their students, that they can teach themselves. _m

  6. A beautifully light touch here Kristin. Glad to hear all went well.