Thursday, October 22, 2009

hours later
your scent lingers
on my shirt-
to forget


  1. I have a very sensitive nose. :) So many of my most intense memories are tied to my sense of smell. When I was thirteen, I was good friends with a young man who had unknowingly stolen my heart. He also unknowingly shattered it into a million pieces on a daily basis by dating one of my friends instead of me! I remember a conversation we had one day after school. It ended with a friendly embrace. When I got home, I recall noticing the scent of his cologne on my shirt. I re-lived that little hug over and over...exhileration and agony with each breath. :)

    Don't worry, the story has a happy ending. That boy whose scent once broke my heart now sleeps beside me, so I can smell him any time I want. :)

  2. haha! stories of life! :)

    fine one, Kristin...enjoyable :)
    happy that you have a good life,


  3. Kristin, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the story, it adds even more to the poem.
    Congratulations on the Simply Haiku publication. Is it the next issue? If so we will share the same space as I have four tanka and a renku that Frank Williams and I wrote back in July in the next issue.

    Friends! yes I think we are. When we open our hearts to those around us (even on blogs) I think friendships are what we build.

    scent of roses -
    you open up to me
    like never before

    Be well my friend


  4. Oh I love it and agree, I wrote a paper once on the sense of smell the memories it evoked :)

  5. This is lovely Kristin and how wonderful that you married your childhood sweetheart!

    Love this!


  6. The poem worked without the story and I like it a lot. Great idea: to exhale the smell of dissapointment!

    BTW: Of course this special way of life is worth a comment of the author. But may I say that without your story the reader might find a different (just as well valuable) access to this wonderful little poem, Kristin?

    Best wishes

  7. Kristin...
    ___It is wonderful when those feelings remain. Thirty years now for K and I... each day, new and bright.
    ___Few could have written that feeling as you have so done. _m

  8. Thank you all SO much for your heartfelt comments. I'm so glad that you all enjoyed this one.

    Magyar-that makes my heart smile...I love stories of enduring love. Such a rare thing in today's world. What a treasure!

    Ralf-I almost didn't include the story for that very reason, but decided to because I thought some of my regular readers would really enjoy it. That is the reason I posted the story as a comment rather than on my blog page itself, though. I thought that would give everyone a chance to react to it BEFORE seeing the story. Thanks for your kind comment...glad you liked it! :)

    Paul-lovely verse, FRIEND. :)

    Everyone else...thank you again!!! :)

  9. Oh...and Paul, that is very exciting that we will be in the same space on Simply Haiku! Congratulations to you as well! Yes, I'll be in the next volume.

  10. Thanks, Blue Jay Eye (You hopeless romantic, you)!!! I thought you might like it. :)

  11. Few words.. said a lot.. nice use of words.. :))

    Loved it:)

    Take care

  12. That was so good and the best story!! I also have very sensitive nose ( which is not always best thing in the world) but I also associate a lot to smell. I just love reading your work!! Great job Kristin