Thursday, October 8, 2009

wishing I could
capture the moon as he
has captured me-
a cloudy sky leaves me
alone in my chains tonight


  1. So sad and beautiful at the same time. As with everything in life there is a good and a bad side yet it is through the tough times that our strength, courage and compassion are built. Your words are very touching Kristin.

  2. Ditto Janice.
    Your poem really touched my heart, Kristin.

  3. Capturing moon -- Dreaming the impossible or in a fantasy world....i find myself there, sometimes...but in my chains, i am happy, not sad...somehow, my experiences and spirituality have taught me to be detached even when in the chains....

    this poem speaks directly to me...and with those essential differences, i relate with you..and feel for you, Kristin :)

    its a nice poem,


  4. can't barely find a comment for this magnificent piece, but then again the best music, the loveliest prose is born from sorrow

  5. 'alone in my chains' I guess we all are in a sense Kristin, you've captured something deep with these words.

    rising up
    beneath a crescent moon
    more longing
    than I
    can possibly bear

  6. given the fact that the moon can bring out the moodiness in all of us, i still consider her an inspirational friend - cheers Kristin : )

  7. A moody moment, one of loneliness. Very evocative.