Thursday, October 15, 2009

Writer's Block :)

I know that I should write tonight,
for it’s been a couple days.
I know I really should- alright?
But my brain, my hand obeys.

There are a million thoughts to think,
but I can’t find a one.
There are a zillion dreams to dream,
but sleep just will not come.

You’d think I could find a topic
with all I’ve seen and heard.
You’d think I could unlock it-
the box of captive words.

Oh sure, I’ve got my trusty pals-
the clouds, the stars, the moon.
Oh sure, there’s love and joy and pain-
but they’re exhausted, too!

Well, it seems new thoughts won’t visit me,
though I beg and plead and curse.
It seems old words just will not lend
themselves to any verse.

So I put my pencil down, my friends,
for writer’s block has won.
Yes, I put my pencil…oh, BUT WAIT!
Just look at what I’ve done…


  1. There were two inspirations for this poem. My students began writing fiction today and watching some of them experience agonizing writer's block, it brought to mind all the nights that I have sat with a pencil desiring to write a poem with nothing but a blank canvas and a blank mind. :)
    Also, I re-read some Shel Silverstein poetry today (from his book Falling Up) and it was so delightful and playful that I wanted to attempt something silmilar.

  2. I will tell my children tomorrow that the process is the result. And the result is the process. You told me this with a smile ...

    Best wishes

  3. Yes, just look at what you have done and you did it wonderfully Kristin.
    Good job!
    I love Shel Silverstein ... good inspitation there and of-course your students (you must share your poem with them tomorrow)

    Have a good evening and take care.


  4. "BUT WAIT! Just look at what I've done..."

    ___You sound so surprised; another fine one, Kristin! _m

  5. Well, i don't really understand writer's block....and the reason is exactly this -- one can always write marvellously about his/her writers block, as you did, Kristin :)

    and otherwise i agree with Ralf....its the process-result- process thing :)

    writers are capable of creating new worlds...but may have to see it fall back to where it was or even worse....experience the torment and then they write again, perhaps :)


  6. Delightful and I can so relate I also have writer/photographer/reader BLOCK lol

  7. That was just too good Kristin!!!