Sunday, September 20, 2009

twenty-seven years
tucked away inside...
the three in me wants to be held
the fourteen in me wants to pull away
the nine in me wants to show off
the five in me wants to run and hide
the twenty-two in me wants to feel settled
the eighteen in me wants to be free
the sixteen in me wants to feel that first kiss
the twenty-five in me wants it to feel like the last
the twenty-seven in me realizes
that all of these make all of me...


  1. Wow.....Yes, all of this make you

  2. You are an artistic genius, not just for the sheer beauty and poetry of this piece, but to show your torment-confusion-joy, there is no chronology to the time-frame. I love this Kristin, bravo!

  3. Who says there is no beauty in transparency? I like mixture of the wishful contrast and the grey areas, very honest and very free.

  4. Each age is a part of the wonderful intriguing Kristin. A delightfully honest and evocative verse.

  5. Only only thing can be said: > All of you is there <. Just wonderful, Kristin. _m

  6. nice! there will be many more years, get ready. :)

  7. This is a delightful poem Kristin. The many ages that make a human being...

  8. "..all of these make all of me..."

    I loved it to read your poem!