Friday, September 25, 2009

I tried.
Can't do it.
Brain's empty.

-From the book Love that Dog by my favorite children's/young adult author, Sharon Creech
(This seemed appopriate tonight because it's entirely true... :)


  1. I read this book today while sitting in the waiting room of my daughter's pediatrician's office. I embarrassed myself crying there in that waiting room full of parents and children. :) This book is written entirely in poetry and it is the story of Jack, a very reluctant writer in Mrs. Stretchberry's class. She helps him find his voice through's WONDERFUL!!! I also highly recommend Sharon Creech's book Walk Two Moons. It is one of my favorite books of all time. Such a beautiful and powerful story. I read it to my sixth graders every year and it's unbelievable the discussions that happen as a result. I am so fortunate in my job to encounter some amazing literature that I might never have read as an adult otherwise. (By the way, cried like a fool finishing Walk Two Moons today, too!) My students are used to me, though...some of them cried, too. :) It was wonderful to share it with them.

  2. One more thing to share. I was "re-reading" some of my favorite parts just now in Love That Dog. Like I said...the entire book is written in poetry. The little boy's teacher has made the students read the poem "The Red Wheelbarrow" by William Carlos Williams. He responds to it by saying (in a poem),

    "If that is a poem
    about the red wheelbarrow
    and the white chickens
    then any words
    can be a poem.
    You've just got to

    This part just made me smile. I love a child's point of view and honesty. :)

  3. You should try to work out a haibun by using the poem, your comments and a haiku, Kristin. You can do it. Your life is not empty.

    Best wishes

  4. I couldn't sleep...leaving for a trip tomorrow and guess I'm just excited. I was touched by your comment, and decided to just stop by and tell you thanks.
    I love your posts and will read some of the books you have mentioned, as I love to read.
    I think a new friendship is beginning. :)
    Wanda from Brushstrokes

  5. Absolutely wonderful, you are very generous and brave to share your tears with your students, that's wonderful

  6. Lorraine-thank you so much! They are stuck with a sappy teacher whether they like it of not! No, really, though...I think it's made some of them feel more comfortable to share their hearts. They have so much to say!

    Wanda- I think you are right! I look forward to getting to know you. I hope you enjoy your trip and I will send up a prayer for your safety.

    Jeeves-you're welcome! It's what I do (share...probably OVER-SHARE sometimes, but OH WELL!!! :)

    Ralf- My life is was just my brain that was empty last night! :) No worries. I want to try a haibun...I've been meaning to for quite sometime. I'll get on that! :)

  7. I like it. There are times when nothing seems to come yet you've made a touching verse out of that temporary emptiness.
    Love the child's poem :)
    Ralf is right - this would make a terrific haibun.

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  9. A book "Everything i needed to know, i learned in kindergarden" or something like that suddenly flashed in my mind - yes, the child's mind is as precioust as it can be. (had to delete and correct previous comment)

  10. Often... is it not, that the brain is over filled; a flock of birds, each flying a collision's circle?