Thursday, September 10, 2009

I sit and wait,
wondering about the unknown,
the next step-
So much of life is anticipating
what is to come.
for him to come home,
for test results,
for two pink lines,
for the weekend,
for time off and time away...
but time doesn't stop-
We wait, but it marches on,
steps never wavering...
The relentless beat
forcing me to ask myself,
am I missing out
on life waiting for it to begin?
Is it not during those little "intermissions"
that we feel the most?
the most anguish,
the most excitement.
Perhaps if we would learn how to wait,
then we could discover how
to live.


  1. I spoke to a friend tonight who really encouraged me to step outside of my "syllable" box (i.e. the tanka and haiku that I feel so comfy with now) and write more...more than three or five lines. So here it is. This is my heart tonight...out there for all of you to see! (scary? maybe...) "Waiting" seems to be the theme of my life right now. I am trying so hard to look at this time as an opportunity to grow and really experience something significant.

    As a writing teacher, I tell my eleven and twelve-year-old students to just dive in...that writing can be messy, but that's where we find our stories and our the mess. That's the beauty. Well, this "poem" is my mess tonight. I tell them to treat their minds and hearts like a wet cloth and to just "wring it out", letting all those thoughts fall onto the paper. Well, I took my own advice tonight...and this is the result. Take it or leave it, but know it's from my heart. :)

  2. ha! I am here again :)

    its nice, Kristin...i could feel me somewhere therein...the younger me :)

    and yes, writing is always the way to clear the mess....I started with three blogs to clear the mess (I am too messy :)) all those three lie dormant and my short poem blog alone is operational-- doesn't mean i'm cleared off all the other mess....just feel a bit too closed now, as to share it with the world....I might overcome, might not....doesn't seem to make a difference to me....the feeling of almost done with life takes over me sometimes :)

    anyway, coming back...poem shouldn't be defined or restricted by form or structure...thats what i feel,

    and look forward to reading more of these....'from the heart' is always inspiring,


  3. This disorder of your chaotic mind is so full of sensitivy and beauty, very good that you're a teacher, and I hope that whatever it is that is hurting and worrying you so, is over soon in the most positive way, hugs and kisses...and prayers

  4. Thank you Devika and Lorraine!
    Lorraine, I am happy to report that one of heaviest burdens weighing me down last night has been lifted. I had to have some medical tests run and I was waiting for the results. Today they came and everything is fine. I am praising God today for this good news! Thank you for the prayers. I know he is listening! :)

  5. "Perhaps if we learn how to wait, then we could discover how to live."
    __A great thought, and I'm glad to hear of the good news. _m

    __Technology has given us... SPEED. In an instant... we are, where we ARE, but we forget we are only human, thus we cannot contend with, or hope to be on par with, the rapid course of our tool. Patience, is a gift... of time.

  6. Magyar makes an excellent point.
    As humans we always want gratification immediately - Nature shows us differently if we but pay attention, for all things do come in their own time - a lesson I've had to learn myself through the years. Evocative poem Kristin.

  7. You are amazingly talented young lady in so many ways....your writing touches my heart!