Saturday, September 26, 2009


We had a garage sale this morning. My husband, who has never written a poem in his life (except for the ones he was forced to write for a project in the fourth grade) suprised me by writing some haiku! It made my day! I had to help him re-arrange a little because of syllables, but these are his. I thought they were really great! If you are wondering about #2, he is a police officer. #3 is a joke...we sold several books at the sale and he knows that I often use receipts and old photos as book marks...he pretended to be "worried" about someone finding an inappropriate photograph in one of them. He thinks he's SOOOO funny! :) I was very proud of his poetry.

rummaging, making
a small fortune

familiar cars
familiar faces-people
I've arrested

books new and old
mistakingly hold
a dirty photo

by my husband, Derek (with a tiny bit of assistance from his wonderful wife :)


  1. Hi Kristin, I think Derek is off to a flying start. There is a very easy/natural flow through these poems. Long may it continue!

  2. He's a natural!! Hope he writes more, and bless you for helping him!! You two are amazing!!

  3. He's definitely got the right idea - what a great team you two make!

  4. Thanks to everyone for their support...I'll pass on your kind words to my hubby. :)

  5. Wow a cop writing poetry, how I love that...well done cop, well done Kristin, I especially love the 2nd one it's fantastic! bravo Derek and Kristin, what a couple!!!

  6. Derek... flashes his badge! Grand! _m

  7. He did a great job Kristin!! Very good!