Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"penny for your thoughts,"
says the quarter moon
so sweetly-
I don't have the heart
to break it to him


  1. True story...had a rough day today (just a lot of little things).Even that beautiful moon (which is actually a crescent moon, so I embellished a bit for the sake of style) couldn't cheer me up. It was just one of those days that left my soul feeling a little empty...I'm sure a good night's sleep and some hopefully sweet dreams will fill it back up again. Just praying that tomorrow is better!

  2. It all shall pass Kristin, and the same moon will give you some of the most beautiful poems,

    Yes, the poem made me wonder about your mood...still a good one, it is :)


  3. Life sure can hurt,and the most beautiful thoughts come of this...or so we can reflect once passed...I hope today is wonderful to you ;)

  4. Thank you both. Today has been much better! True, though, without a little pain some of the greatest art in the world wouldn't exist...so I guess I'm willing to suffer occasionally! :) Thanks again for your sweet words.