Friday, August 7, 2009

writer's block-
words lost somewhere in the
sapphire sky


  1. I don't know if this happens to my fellow poets, too, but I have found that sometimes the objects or events that I think will inspire me the most end up leaving me lost for words. Last night the sky here was so beautiful. The moon was the brightest it's been in months and in contrast the sky was this deep, rich blue. I wanted to write something that expressed how beautiful it was, but the words wouldn't come. I finally decided to just write about my struggle with writing about it! ha!!! I think that conveys the beauty, too, though because it shows that I was left speechless. Sometimes the most meaning comes from what we don't say...

  2. Wonderful Kristin!! Several posts back I did one with the words writers block in it too, so I know exactly how you feel!! Your comment said it all:)

  3. Yes, Kristin...poets i think conveys best when they are open ended.....but not always, though...

    here, it does...and i love the poem,

    I always look at the sky for finding my lost words....sometimes in bed thoughts and words flow as a stream, but I leave them trying to get my sleep...and more often I find them when I sit blank looking at the sky :)

    I have been a reserch writer....and my struggle there have got me rid of writers block to a good extent...though my quality of writing may vary :)

    each an experience,