Monday, August 31, 2009

small hands squeeze mine
'til the pulse of each heartbeat
is felt-hers
indistinguishable from
my own...


  1. I took my daughter, who is three years old, to the dentist today. I think it was more traumatic for me than her! She was so brave, but wanted me to hold her hands while the dentist worked on her teeth. She held on so tightly that at one point I could neither tell whose hands were shaking nor whose racing pulse I was feeling in that firm grip. I only know that her helpless brown eyes looking at me said more than a poem could ever express. "How deep is this love?" I ask...there are no words to express such depths!

  2. I've known my mother's love in its fullest I know, what you mean Kristin :)

    And my eldest sister is a dentist and once had her clinic at this scene is also quite familiar,

    You said it well,Kristin :)


  3. Wonderful Kristin.
    _A father's love isn't less, but one must admit there is that 'bearing bond'
    twixt mother and child... never denied.

    I can never give,
    The love mother's flow;
    I can only sense,
    The love, in her glow.

  4. Magyar...that is beautiful. Thank you.
    Devika...thanks so much for your comment as well. :)

  5. A mother's love
    no sweeter bond
    conceived from above
    for which I have longed...

    Happily my children too know this love.
    Beautiful Kristin.