Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This post isn't a poem, but instead a prayer. A friend of mine read it and said that I should post it on my blog, so I am. I'm a teacher and school starts tomorrow. I met several of my students last night at open house and I went home thinking about them. I wrote this little prayer when I got home. This is truly the desire of my heart as I start this new school year with them.

Dear Lord, Help me to remember that each one of these is a child of yours. Help me to see my own daughter's face when I look at each one of them, remembering that every child is some parent's everything. Especially help me to fill the void in some way for those kids who don't have that...who are made to feel like nothing instead of everything. Help me show them their worth. Teach me as I teach them. -AMEN


  1. That's beautiful...good for you, 'your' children will be the better for it :)

  2. Nice post, Kristin...i mean the prayer, :)


  3. That was wonderful!! I work in Special Education at Alma, there is so many kids with just awful home lives. Wonderful post Kristin:)

  4. Beautiful Kristen! Thank you for sharing....